Patriots Dev Shuffle

Ubisoft is reported to have carried out a major reshuffle of the Rainbow Six Patriots Dev team.

Out go all of the above guys, David Sears (creative director), lead designer Philippe Therien, and animation director Brent George. You might remember those guys from the impressive “The Technology Behind Rainbow Six Patriots” video.

The calm, assured prescence of David Sears and the obvious enthusiam of Therien and George impressed everyone who watched that video and their departure has given rise to some speculation about the future for Rainbow Six Patriots.

As we pondered in our last news post, did the gritty and controversial trailers released thus far go too far? Is Rainbow Six Patriots about to be toned down? The answer may lie with Ubisoft’s Jean-Sebastien Decant, the new project Creative Director. Check out what Decant had to say about hardcore gamers when he was tasked with making Driver San Fransisco more accessible last summer.

Worrying, or exciting development? Let us know!

Author: Rocky

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