Rainbow Six Patriots Tech.

GameInformer have a really great 25 minute video with three of the Rainbow Six Dev team talking about the technology behind Rainbow Six Patriots.

In the video they explain why the AI is going to be extremely realistic, their plans to humanise the characters, and why weapon nuts are going to love this game. They even threw out a challenge that gun nuts will not spot any mistakes in the detailed gun model animations.

“A whole new level of realism”

I can’t remember ever seeing such an open and detailed dev interview for a Ubisoft shooter before, definately a promising start for the next Rainbow Six. I’d go further and challenge anybody not to be excited about Raimbow Six Patriots after watching the enthusiasm of these guys (well, two out of three ain’t bad), and listening to the new features they have planned for Patriots.

Exciting times for Rainbow Six fans! Leave you comments in our Rainbow Six Partriots forum.

Author: Rocky

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