Rainbow Six Patriots Updates

It’s been very queit on the Rainbow Six Patriots front recently, infact no news since the surprise dev shake up over 6 months ago. That’s about to change though with new information leaking out about the new direction for Rainbow Six Patriots.

Rumour has it that Rainbow Six Patriots is going to benefit from a more open gameplay with less on-the-rails action sections, and more open ended gameplay. Players will be able to roam the area picking up intel and planning their own attack options. Additionally missions may have multiple endings, providing replay value for offline campiagn gamers.

We’re also expecting to see new and innovative use of the Xbox Kinect including face recognition.

Finally, expect to see a similar app tie in to the Ghost Recon Network, where gamers can continue their Rainbow Six experience while on the move with a fully featured Rainbow Six Patriots app. The Ghost Recon Netwrok app is already a huge success with gamers cusomising weapons and taking part in competions. Ubisoft may have plans to take such an app to the next level with a Rainbow Six Network, possibly even including geolocation features.

Whether or not Rainbow Six Patriots is going to be a next gen title only, or will be released for current gen consoles is open to specualtion. It all sounds extremely positive and exciting, now we just have to wait on an official announcement from Ubisoft!

Author: Rocky

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