Rainbow Siege Live Twitch Breakdown

It was exactly a year ago today that Twitch hosted a successful Ubisoft live stream for Rainbow Six Siege, and today they ran a brand new live stream ending with an awesome Developer v Fans match featuring none other than our very own Deosl.

This was a great live stream with some great action and a real chance for gamers to get a look at how Rainbow Six Siege plays out in a 5 v 5 match.

Here’s our recording of the live stream, complete with jump links to points of interest, enjoy it, it’s a great show!

00m00s Commentary – meaningful community dialogue

01m20s Introductions – Team Captains

03m20s Hereford Map explained

05m10s Meet the Fan Team – Team Tacticool

07m10s Match No 1 – Fans v Pro Gramers

27m27s The Lucarian Interview with Chase Straight

30m40s Meet the Pro Team – Team Reubinited

32m00s Match No 2 – Fans v Pro Gramers

52m50s Potter Interview with Chase Straight

54m40s Q/A Session

01h03m00s Meet the Dev Team – Mac Attack

01h05m20s Match 3 – Fans v Dev Team

01h28m00s Match 3 – Match outcome discussion (and beat down)











Author: Rocky

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