Reaction to Ubisoft’s +12 months Siege Commitment

Ubisoft really do need to be congratulated on what they have achieved with Rainbow Six Siege. In the face of early criticism that without a single player campaign Siege was stepping away from Rainbow Six roots, and would suffer as a result – Ubisoft have steadfastly supported Siege for a year – and have just recently promised another year of support and new content.

With the release of regular updates featuring fixes and additions, new content, and e-sports competitions, Siege has continued to be a favourite with online shooter fans – even reaching number one in the Steam sales chart this week.

Shaun Prescott of PC gamer thinks that Siege is “one of the best competitive shooters you can play” and the vibe around gamer comments supports this, with gamer comments such as those shown below.

Feel the love Ubisoft.

Quotes from PC Gamers on hearing of another 12 months support from Ubisoft.

Love this game!!!


the best online fps at the moment, great graphics, amazing performance, no cheaters, big community, more and more content.


It did make it into the top 10 twitch games with a peak of possibly 50k viewers!


I also really like how they listen to the community and keep supporting the game with new stuff and balance fixes. Keep up the good work Ubisoft, and let this be the new standard for your upcoming games!


This game is so NOT ubisoft xD


I like what Ubisoft have done with this game


This is brilliant. I’ve been loving the game. If only more shooters’ developers had this mentality.


I was skeptical at first about buying this game, … ended up . it was practically the only game I played all of last year.



And on the Anti-Cheat …

it’s anticheat is doing wonders


As a player since release 1 year ago counting 550 hours played I can confirm you that cheaters are seemingly GONE as of the Battleye Update a couple months ago, it’s a great game right now.


ever since they introduced Battleye, cheating is virtually non-existent.


Ubisoft have yet to announce details for the second season of content, we’ll post details as they appear!


Author: Rocky

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