Siege Livestream From Gamescom *Updated with Chapters*!

Ubisoft and ESL will be hosting a Livestream for Siege at Gamescom on Saturday 16:00 CET.
You’ll see 4 teams consisting of Youtubers, R6 vets, Top Siege Alpha EU and German players competing against each other.

They will also show off the recently announced spectator cam for the first time. You can catch the Livestream on Ubisoft’s Twitch channel.


Here’s the all important bookmarks on the off chance you do not have over 3 hours viewing time spare – jump to the good bits!


r6 siege live stream finalists

0:23:23 Geneviève Forget with Rainbow Six Siege summary
0:24:45 Spectator Mode explained
0:25:30 Spectator Cam Explanation Video
0:28:50 Rainbow six Siege Swag up for grabs!
0:29:30 Teams Introduced : Europe v Germany
0:31:15 Chris Hendry Ubisoft
0:32:30 Hereford Map and Gadgets!
0:33:50 Game Mode : Secure Area
0:34:50 ROUND ONE
0:39:25 ROUND TWO
0:49:35 ROUND FOUR
0:54:30 Teams Hug and make up
0:55:20 Game Recap
0:55:55 Lucarian Interview
0:59:00 Chris Hendry Ubisoft on Spectator Cam
1:01:45 Rainbow Six Siege – The CT Units trailer
1:09:48 Teams Introduced : Veterans v Streamers
01:14:50 ROUND ONE
01:20:30 ROUND TWO
01:26:19 ROUND THREE
01:30:05 ROUND FOUR
01:35:43 ROUND FIVE
01:39:20 ROUND SIX
01:42:00 Teams Hug and make up
01:42:46 Game Recap
01:44:16  Winner Interview
01:47:20 Geneviève Forget and Chris Hendry
01:44:16  Winner Interview
02:06:46  Finalists Introduced
02:11:00 ROUND ONE
02:16:10 ROUND TWO
02:21:49 ROUND THREE
02:27:11 ROUND ONE
02:39:55 ROUND TWO
02:45:16 ROUND THREE
02:50:43 ROUND FOUR
02:57:59 ROUND FIVE
03:02:23 ROUND SIX
03:07:00 Teams Hug and make up
03:09:20 Winner Interviews!



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