Rainbow Six’s service to online gaming

The gaming industry is at better place than ever before. With new and exciting business opportunities arising all the time, the global game’s market’s worth is set to soar from $91.8bn to a total of $118.6 billion by 2019. Many people this growth is due to online gaming. However, much of the growth is down the MMO’s and FPS games.


Now, over a fifth of gamers are on online. That number is ever increasing, and a huge part of that is down to games such as Rainbow Six. The first-person shooter game was available on a wide range of consoles, including MAC and PC, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Colour, PlayStation and Dreamcast. The game revolves around RAINBOW, a counter-terrorism unit fighting growing terrorist threats as well as trying to destroy the Ebola virus.


Unlike many games at the time of its release, Rainbow Six featured an online multiplayer feature. The feature proved to be very popular on the Mplayer.com and Zone.com services. This resulted in a a thriving competitive group based community with several independent ladder style leagues.


Rainbow Six’s founder later brought a more up-to-date version of the game, naming it Black Ops, which featured as part of the Call of Duty franchise. The online feature here allows users to be able play with their friends, regardless of geographical location. PS3 and Xbox 360 also reintroduced the split-screen design for online users, both attractive features for gamers. Four-way multiplayer is also available on Black Ops, another alluring feature by its designers.



The original online features by Rainbow Six paved the way for more games to include online features once developers had noticed more and more gamers were online due to that option.
There is a whole new world of online gaming today, thanks to the array of consoles on offer, as well as computers, tablets and not to mention smartphones. The smartphone has been a breath of fresh air for the online gaming industry, as for online gamers, it’s a convenience. They can play from their bed, their couch, on the go, at a friend’s house, on public transport, on their dinner hour, the possibilities really are endless. And even those who aren’t the most passionate of gamers definitely have at least one game on their device which means they just can’t put their phone down.


The app and mobile importance is now a scene that is too big to ignore, and one that is definitely going to grow. There are total of 21,000 jobs across the EU working on mobile games alone. With 5,000 full-time employees, the UK takes the largest share of that total. The sheer number of people who own a smartphone has made the gaming market more accessible than ever, leaving developers with a whole host of unprecedented opportunities. In early 2015, 44% of UK households owned an iPhone, 46% possessed and Android phone and a further 12% owned a Windows phone. The revenue stream from mobile apps was worth a total of £548million last year, from download-to-own apps and in-app purchases alone.

Whist the mobile app industry has created a new generation of online gamers, Rainbow Six and its developers cannot be ignored for helping so many people to get online to game.

Author: Rocky

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