Jake Tucker Likes Siege

Jake Tucker likes Siege, a lot. That’s pretty cool because Jake is “one of the 30 brightest and most talented people under the age of 30 currently working in games….”  according to MVC last year in their 30 under 30 2015 list.

Tucker has been one of the hardest working freelance journalists working in the games media in the last few years, and has had bylines at the likes of Vice, Pocket Gamer and Bit Tech. Now he has left the world of freelance journalism to work as Pocket Gamer’s VR editor and events content lead. And if that wasn’t enough, last year he launched VideoBrains, a monthly collection of talks to do with video games featuring developers, journalists and players.

Jake is so impressed with Siege, that he calls it the “Best Multiplayer Shooter, Ever” a bold and grand statement, but one he is prepared to back up beyond the attention grabbing headline. Jake’s opinion carries weight not just because he’s an acknowledged, recognised and respected gaming journalist, but because he has racked up the hours and put in the time playing Siege since it was launched 8 months ago. When a gaming journalist that has dumped countless hours into multiplayer gaming announces to the world that “Rainbow Six Siege is the finest multiplayer game I’ve ever played”, it’s a huge thumbs up to the team working behind the scenes to improve Siege every day since it’s release.

This is a refreshing opinion piece as Siege still has it’s share of vocal detractors, however there is no escaping the validity of a shooter that is expanding into the e-sports arena and is heavily supported by the publisher with new content, fixes and regular community updates.

winning at Rainbow Six Siege requires not just player skill – communication, intuition and straight up being smarter than your opponents are essential factors


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Author: Rocky

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