Operation Skull Rain

Ubisoft are going all out on their pre-launch promise that Rainbow Six Siege will be heavily supported with plenty of resources with Season 3 – Skull Rain.  Demonstrating their commitment to R6 Siege longevity, the dev team have announced a number of features to be released with Season 3 on August 2nd 2016 that  are designed to provide a stable gaming platform that will remove the major frustrations seen thus far, and these include :

  • animation clipping – reduced instances of body parts appearing through walls
  • replay system – cheats beware and braggers rejoice with an improved kill cam
  • exploitable glitches conquered – n00bs rejoice
  • and BattlEye – a new anti-cheat for Siege, but not new to the gaming scene

The anti cheat will probably be the single most anticipated update for Season 3, and Ubisoft are proposing a staged implementation starting with a beta phase. If you have not previously heard of BattlEye, they provide anti-cheat measures for games such as the DayZ, the ArmA series and Planetside. BattlEye has been kicking cheaters since 2004, however the Siege implementation will use their relatively new anti-cheat system that prevents cheaters from even launching Siege.

Here’s the bookmark you’ll want to keep at hand if things don’t turn out too well with this new measure.

For the full de-brief on how BattlEye combats cheats, watch this video which explains how DayZ is protected by BattlEye.

We’ll have more on this new anti-cheat initiative over the coming days, so stay tuned, until then Official Details Here!

Author: Rocky

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