Rainbow Six Siege Bared

Ubisoft will reveal the inner workings of the technology behind Rainbow Six Siege at the 2016 GDC conference in in San Francisco this March. The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the “world’s largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event.”

Ubisoft will hold seven detailed workshops, three of which will examine the various aspects of Rainbow six Siege.

Jalal-Eddine-El-MansouriIn the Rendering Rainbow Six | Siege workshop Jalal Eddine El Mansouri, the 3D Technical Lead at Ubisoft Montreal explains the architectural optimizations that aim to provide gamers with a quality experience whether they are on an Xbox One, PS4 or a 5 year old PC. The technique used to increase Siege’s graphic render time by as much as 50% without a noticeable reduction in quality will be revealed (hint, if you want to Google for it, look up Temporal Checkerboard rendering).




In the Art of Destruction in Rainbow Six: Siege workshop, Julien L’Heureux, the project Physics Programmer at Ubisoft describes the implementation of the Real Blast destruction engine, and the challenges associated with making the technology play nice with other game routines and assets. The destructible environments seen in Rainbow Six Siege are extremely well presented, with each effect looking very realistic and natural, this workshop will be very interesting for programmers in this field.

Maurizio-De-PascaleFinally, in the workshop thrillingly entitled Unified Telemetry, Building an Infrastructure for Big Data in Games Development, Maurizio De Pascale, Ubisoft Technical Architect, will discuss data capture with the target of analysing game engine performance. In real terms this consists of analysing gigabytes of data from each of the various connected Ubisoft studios.

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