Siege Beta Concludes, Step Up Epsilon

As the Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta draws to a close, shooter fans may be looking elsewhere for their gaming fix pending Siege’s retail release this coming December. Up steps Epsilon, a tactical shooter from Christian Allen that is currently boasting 100% recommended feedback (30 minutes gametime or greater) from its steam early access launch a few days ago.

epsilon early access feedback


Epsilon’s gameplay is based on squad based tactics, with context menu control of team AI, and a pre-mission planning phase. Developers on the project list CVs which include Ghost Recon, SOCOM, SWAT, The Walking Dead and Insurgency.

Epsilon Game


Epsilon Planning Phase


Some of the comments from Early Access gamers on steam…

Liked the game play, originality and graphics. Would love to see pvp make an entry but either way I will keep this one and keep my eye on it. Nice work!!For more on Epsilon visit and their forums! Suade

all of the things that made the classic tactical games great, looks and plays great. Misfit410

A solid foundation for a return to form for tactical shooters. Eplison is poised to continue the legacy of Raven Shield and SWAT 4. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for this game down the line. devileyedelvis

Game is Early Alpha but it already plays better than some others Beta releases. NFMZ1

For more on Epsilon visit and their forums!

Author: Rocky

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