Siege Rappelling Source!

Let’s face it, Ubisoft did a great job of the whole rappelling thing in Rainbow Six Siege; it’s great fun, it looks great in first person or watching your colleagues, and it just “works”. It could have been a glitchy mess, but the dev team pulled it off and it’s a hugely fun part of Siege.

But where did the inspiration to include rappelling come from?

Thanks to Jeza, one of our new hounds, we think we just might have found it…. in a recent Raven Shield mod called Attack Level Eight that pre-dates Siege!

Joking apart, this is a really cool mod for Raven Shield. I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the fact that someone managed to create this mod, or that people are still modding Raven Shield after all these years.

Download Attack Level Eight here.



Author: Rocky

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