Gamespy R6V:2 X360 Hands On

Gamespy have reported on their exclusive Vegas 2 multiplayer session where they played the two new multiplayer gametypes featured in the latest developer diary we posted about yesterday. Thirteen maps (some RVS reworks) and eleven new weapons are touted. Much is being made of the improved matchmaking system, an area of development that can never see too much in the way of resources in our opinion.

The article also explains in some detail the leveling up process, which may seem a little complex at first, so worth reading up on that if you are intent on progressing through the ranks quickly. There’s also talk of a “new” device that bring sup a mini-map revealing heat sources, hmm, heartbeat sensor anyone?

The article ties up by mentioning some details from other platform versions, so even if you don’t have a X360, it’s worth a read.

Author: Rocky

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