Gamespy Vegas 2 Review

Gamespy have published their review for the X360 version of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, PC gamers will need to wait until next month. Make sure and read the full review, but if you can’t be bothered reading all three pages – here’s a quick summary.

Gamespy were disapointed to find some old Vegas 1 bugs still present, and also in the limiting of co-op to 2 players, or three for terrorist hunt. Things they liked included the new ranking and ACES rewards system, although they found ACES open to fairly easy abuse. They note a slight convergance of titles, with the appearance of a Ghost Recon type cross comm feature appearing in Vegas 2.

Frustratingly in this era of next gen consoles, they also point out that iffy artifical intelligence continues to cause friendly characters to act with occasional mind numbing idiocy. This is one area where the Gamespy review itself seems confused, as they seem to think the AI has been improved, but then go on to list a few examples of AI madness.

Gamespy conclude that Vegas 2 is “barely more than an expansion pack”, but anyone who enjoyed the first game will more than likely be engaged by this follow up.

Author: Rocky

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