SimHQ reviews Vegas 2 X360

What makes reading game reviews on niche sites such as SimHQ especially worthwhile is that they have staff dedicated to each genre of game, that really know their games inside out.

Such is the case with Magnum’s SimHQ review of Vegas 2. Magnum knows the Rainbow Six series inside out and it’s that depth of knowledge that makes reading his review a bit special. 

The review explains the differences between the standard and limited editions of the game, XP and ACES explained, kit, weapons and armour, and there’s a a pretty neat face scan screenshot. There’s a huge section on single player and multiplayer that explains in some depth what is cool, what works, and what doesn’t.

The review goes on for eight pages and cover much more than listed above and is sprinkled with many screenshots. Check it out for a good unbiased and well informed review of the X360 version of Vegas 2.

Author: Rocky

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