The Fall of Rainbow Six

Not many people will know this and I had actually forgotten this myself, but Rainbow Six was the first game I ever played on a PC. It was an impulse buy just to try out any game on my new PC with it’s Voodoo 3DFX graphics card. The thing is, it didn’t run! I had to wait a few weeks for new graphics drivers to be released before I got my first taste of PC gaming thanks to Rainbow Six.

Thinking back, those were awesome times. Even though we were all slaves to 56k dialup internet using our phone lines, and lag issues were very common thanks to 300+ pings , we just got on with it and enjoyed the games. Rainbow Six was awesome. Great muiltiplayer and an emerging modder community made it an awesome gaming experience.

So what went wrong? Why are we sitting here now with no next gen version of Rainbow Six? Why have all of the successors (arguably) failed to capture everything that the original offered? What happened?

That’s exactly the question Interactive are asking this month, What Happened to Rainbow Six? It’s a great article, be sure to check it out.

Author: Rocky

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