New Concept Art & Rumored Details on Upcoming Patch

An anonymous user on 4chan with close ties to the Ubisoft Montreal has given us some supposedly small hints on what to expect in an upcoming patch, which we suspect is the highly anticipated 3.0 patch along with DLC #2.

Please bear in mind these are just unconfirmed rumors and not a complete patch list , but we have chosen to run it because they sound very plausible.

Here are the details:

– You will be able to edit your loadout in between rounds (!)

– User Interface(UI) in menu has been improved (Icons for sights attachments are much clearer)

– The patch will also introduce previously reported Operator head skins and weapon charms

– New Match ending screen that shows the winning team with the MVP in the middle (Ref. to GTA Where the MVP player is featured amongst the other players)

And finally, we have very early and supposedly concept art of the Navy Seal Attacker scheduled to be in the upcoming DLC.

We can confirm that more info about Season 2 DLC will be announced during the Xbox Pro League finals the 22nd during PAX EAST, stay up to date on our twitter for the latest Rainbow Six Siege news!




Author: Deosl

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